As of 1st July 2014 under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), CE marking for structural steel to BS EN 1090-1 will become mandatory for products sold on the EU construction market. Therefore anyone designing and / or manufacturing steel frame or steel components for the European market, including the UK, must comply. Failure to do so can have serious consequences to you and your business.

To apply the CE mark, manufacturers, contractors and fabricators will need to demonstrate compliance with BS EN 1090-1 parts 1 & 2: Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures.

BS EN 1090-1: Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components explains that, since all structural steel is seen as safety critical, manufacturers must document and implement a Factory Production Control (FPC) system and have the system certified by a Notified Body, such as BM TRADA.

BS EN 1090-2: Technical requirements for steel structures, outlines what is required to ensure steel frames meet adequate levels of mechanical resistance, stability, serviceability and durability. The standard sets out four Execution Classes (EXCs):

EXC1 – e.g. Agricultural buildings
EXC2 – e.g. Residential or Commercial structures
EXC3 – e.g Bridges
EXC4 – e.g.Special structures (long-span bridges etc)

For EXC2,3 & 4, all welding must be controlled by a Responsible Welding Coordinator (RWC), with proven competence, in accordance with the requirements of EN 14731 and the relevant part of EN ISO 3834. Manufacturers must supply a certificate that specifically states that the RWC is trained to these standards as proof of compliance.

In order to apply the CE mark, frame/component manufacturers, fabricators and contractors must be in possession of a Factory Production Control Certificate issued by a Notified Body, such as BM TRADA, as well as an appropriate Declaration of Performance for the steel frame or component/s.

BM TRADA is a notified body and can conduct UKAS accredited FPC certification to assist steel frame manufacturers and fabricators in achieving compliance with the CPR.






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