Certification to the BRC Global Food Safety standard helps companies to safeguard consumers and fulfil their legal obligations.
Consumer safety and protection have never had a higher profile. The need to ensure that all those involved in food production are working to rigorous standards has become a prerequisite to trade in this sector.

The BRC food safety standard has been adopted globally by food manufacturers, is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is particularly applicable to companies supplying food products to the global market regardless of the country of origin of the product.

Achieving certification demonstrates your compliance with HACCP, good manufacturing practices (GMP), hygiene, food safety and quality systems. It helps retailers, manufacturers and major brands safeguard consumers and fulfil their legal obligations.

The standard requires the implementation of a number of systems, including:

  • a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) food safety plan
  • a quality, safety and legality management system that details the policies needed to provide a framework for complying with the standard
  • systems for controlling factory environmental standards, operating conditions, manufacturing and hygiene practices.

The benefits of BRC certification


Certification to this standard brings significant benefits. It:

  • meets the need to preserve the integrity and reputation of branded products
  • improves food safety management systems
  • is globally recognised by major retailers and food manufacturers
  • increases confidence in your products
  • improves supplier standards and consistency
  • ensures continuous improvement in your systems through regular monitoring
  • demonstrates your commitment to consumer safety.

Download BRC Food safety factsheet