Products are always made with an intention that they would conform to certain values and conditions, be it compliance to European, Scandinavian or some other international standards or specific requirements of the manufacturer or its clients. The product manufacturers declare and sell the products with properties which are founded on the technical specifications or standards.

In contemporary markets, the manufacturer’s declaration is often not entirely sufficient for the distributors and product users to gain full confidence in the product – thus an evidence and confirmation from a trustworthy and independent source is needed to confirm that the product is:

  • properly tested and evaluated
  • manufactured in accordance with the standard or specification requirements

One option to demonstrate the above in the European Economic Area is “CE marking”. However if your product does not correspond to any scope of the existing harmonised European Standards (hEN), which would enable you to affix the CE marking, or if you, or your clients, would like to see an independent control body quality mark on the product, then a third party assessment of the product certification is the best approval to ensure the reliability of a manufacturer and its products.

BM TRADA A-Mark is Appropriate solution for such circumstances.

BM TRADA A-Mark systems can be applicable for 3 types of product certification:

  • Assurance of Factory Production Control (FPC) and classification of the products with a reaction to fire or fire resistance requirements
  • Approval of FPC According to a harmonised European standard
  • Attestation of FPC According to a standard, technical specification or quality rules

BM TRADA A-Mark certification provides:


BM TRADA controls that:

  • the products meet the specified quality requirements, controlled and evaluated by an independent test laboratory
  • production would be approved and implemented in accordance with the quality management system

The quality of the product and production units is consistently controlled within regular audit cycles.



  • independent
  • accredited by LATAK (Latvian Accreditation Service)
  • one of the largest certification bodies in the construction products industry sector and with an international presence across a number of markets
  • with long-term experience and skilled experts

The influx of new products and the need to determine the values of these products occurs in today`s rapidly changing and constantly emerging world.

To tackle such global challenges BM TRADA, in collaboration with other BM TRADA group companies, develops new construction and timber product certification schemes and actively participates in the process of establishment of new standards.

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